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Problem 10979
best move

Yesterday a great go game was played. Two teams stood against each other and there was only one goal in their mind: to get points and win.
Those players were the legendary Pulcik and great ORTENIX in team nr one and famous chid0ri and Field Mouse on the other side of the table.
The fight started very soon all over the board and the position was incredibly complicated. The game lasted for two days, it started on Monday and was finished on Tuesday.
Both sides had good chances to win, but the spirit of luck is not stable and the game was very close till the end.
This is a position before white's last move. Sneaky Field Mouse found a trick there. He smiled secretly at the position and prepared to decide this game with a tesuji. But before he could do this there was Pulcik's turn. Mighty Pulcik looked at this position for a while and then played the important protective move.

Can you find the tesuji like sneaky Field Mouse and mighty Pulcik?

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