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Problem 12299
4x4 problems

4x4-remember- CHINESE RULES All of YOUR stones on the board count as 1 point for you when scoring(exept dead stones) Surrounded spaces that are not surrounded by diagonals in seki count as 1 land. Captured stones don't count as 1 point------- WARNING seriosly simple problem Do not flag bad problem------I already had this analysed- I just cant resize the board to make it 4x4 Passing at the end of the game is auto matic and scoring is also automatic--- And there is 1.5 KOMI Don't be afraid,it's so easy that a 10k made the entire thing and figured the soulution on his own------ For some reason i cant get it to 'capture' properley-removing the dead stone. Have fun!!!! Sorry i can't find your comments so email me limfc1216@yahoo.com.hk

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