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Problem 13731
Corner based, Timing

I finally decided to try and add a joseki problem. Since this is my first, please be a bit lenient. Joseki is one of my weaker categories, so I may be missing several variations or I might have gotten the result wrong. Please inform me if I did. Also to note, this joseki is very common yet somehow I didn't find any variant of this on the site. Well, enjoy! IMPORTANT: If any stronger (dan) players can help me, I would like to know white's best response to the black cut right away. Or maybe it is a good move for black as punishment. Either way the variations can get a little complex. I have currently blocked the cut due to a lack of variations and/or correct ones. The same applies with direct connections. I am not quite sure how white should best respond to those too and whether or not the result is good. Thanks in advance!

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