Total problems in database: 12435

Total problems in database: 12435

Postby santa c on Thu Nov 12, 2020 2:37 pm

It may deserve being mentioned in the news section... =)
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Re: Total problems in database: 12435

Postby Irregular go on Wed Nov 25, 2020 12:38 am

Did you count them? I made 77 copycats.
My copies have 3 types.
1: Copied position with added stones. (Easier than original)
2: Copies of decent problems with added White stones and added Atari capturing.
3: Dead remix of 2 problems.
My most original problems seem to be weird, many people seem to thumb them down.
That's why I made all the copycats.
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Re: Total problems in database: 12435

Postby BartTM on Sun Nov 29, 2020 2:07 pm

The moderators try to weed out copies.
Deliberately adding copies makes our task harder and more tedious.
Please stop copying problems or we may be forced to simply remove all your problems to relieve us of this burden.
Please do good. Work with us, not against us.
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Re: Total problems in database: 12435

Postby santa c on Tue Dec 01, 2020 1:05 pm

There's no need to count, the homepage says how many active problems there currently are, in the database.

Re the duplicates, it's not terrible, at least in my opinion, to have a sub-position from a problem as a standalone problem. But it should probably be limited so that people aren't annoyed basically looking at the same situation. Just the other day, I've made then thought I could make it slightly more interesting by removing some stones which led to - I didn't delete since I think that the basic (like 20k) problems on the site could have some variety. But even here, I wasn't sure if I'm pushing it and maybe should've replaced it or deleted it... Exact duplicates like you've mentioned, however just seem pointless and add a bunch of work for the mods, like BartTM mentioned (BTW, Bart, thanks for trying o keep it clean, while the rest of the mods are sleeping :P). Adding pointless stones doesn't help either. I just cleaned my solving history last week and went through about 30% of the problems on site and there's a ton of duplicates in the easier problems, which made this much less interesting than I'd hoped it would be...

If you want to make some problems, I suggest looking at some random games for inspiration. You can surely make a problem for every couple of games you watch that people will find interesting! If it's a bit hard at the beginning, you can checkout 9x9 games on for ex. since the AI there reviews stuff and shows some variations. If you find some interesting variations towards the end game, or around a groups life/dead, it'll probably be easier to cover them well enough for a problem.
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