Game you can join -

Game you can join -

Postby vougalar on Sun Oct 04, 2015 9:04 am

What is this?!

ConGo is a new go server for massive multiplayer consultation go. There is only one game being played at a time. Each player is automatically added to either the black or the white team. Every member on each team gets to vote on the next move. The move with the most votes is chosen.

OK, but how do we actually play?

Simply sign up with a nice user name and an accurate rating; you will be automatically added to a team. When it is your turn, click on the board to vote on a move or see others' comments about this move. Your vote is shown in the green circle.

When you vote, try to leave a helpful comment about why this particular move is the best. This is a good learning tool for weaker players to see the reasoning behind moves. If others' comments have swayed your decision, you can change your vote by simply clicking on another point on the board.

At midnight Pacific Time each night, the turn will end, and the move with the most votes will get chosen. The other team will then have the chance to vote now.


Because I can, and because I think watching good players play is great way to get better at this game. The problem is that better players typically don't face the same positions that we do. This game format forces players to choose the positions they would like to play and explain their moves.

Questions, Comments?

Visit our subreddit /r/ConGoServer

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