Can adum remove the voting/flagging system?

Re: Can adum remove the voting/flagging system?

Postby Spock1701 on Wed Feb 10, 2021 8:24 am

I have nothing against OP personally, but I'll be honest - I've stopped using this site because whenever I go through 10-20 problems, at least half of them are his and almost all are nonsensical... Is there a way to hide low-rated problems?
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Re: Can adum remove the voting/flagging system?

Postby Irregular go on Wed Feb 17, 2021 1:20 am

The rating don't represent everything.
Even though my
is copied from
the most popular problem of this website
some people low-rated the copycat.
Your doing is just like
wanting to hide 1755.
Japanese people always
do copying.
ex: The Tokyo Station is copied from Europe.
Japan doesn't have Japanese culture.
I wanted to born in another country that has original.
Irregular go
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Re: Can adum remove the voting/flagging system?

Postby BartTM on Mon Feb 22, 2021 2:09 am

I agree with Spock1701.
The whole idea of solving go problems is to be challenged; the problem needs to be reasonable hard to solve and reward correct play. That yields satisfaction.

Problems that are dead easy to solve aren't interesting to anyone except maybe an absolute beginner. But people won't stay at that level for long; the chance that even a single absolute beginner chances upon them are small.
Problems that require a lot of moves while the solution is already obvious are irritating.
Problems that impose special conditions, not visible on the board, that make a play that would be correct without those restrictions invalid are irritating.
Problems that show the whole board and show that one side is so far ahead that the problem itself cannot change the outcome of the game are irritating.
Problems that milk out the same position time and again where the only difference is outside of the area of play are especially annoying. The problem is known, the challenge is gone.

As for copying within this set of problems; I don't see why it is so hard for you to understand why people don't like that?
I have a vast collection of CD's but I don't buy the same CD twice. Why should I? I can listen to the first CD over and over again, the copy would not add anything.
I don't mind that the Tokio station is a copy. It is a different country, it functions as a station. What you don't need is two Tokio stations next to each other where one suffices.
We don't need the same problem in this set over and over again. If you have a set of unique problems it does not make sense to copy them all so you have double the problems in the database, right? It only takes up space but adds nothing new.
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Re: Can adum remove the voting/flagging system?

Postby Irregular go on Fri Mar 05, 2021 11:12 pm

Bart TM,
I have 113 toys
But it's included
4 dices and
other toys are original at the least.
Many good problems are sick in this database,
so they would like to be ripped apart by me.
I'm a doctor.
My combination style of the old problems
and the added shapes are
original at the least.
I'm just like The Toy Story's Sid Phillips.
Even though I didn't break any toys.
Please call me Irregular Go Phillips <3
Not exactly duplicates at all.
NOTE: Sometimes, copyrights are jokes in Asia.
I'm a Japanese man who is in Japan,
so please be kind to the rich men who live in
a developing country.
You got it?

Irregular Go Phillips's MUTANT PROBLEMS
Irregular go
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Re: Can adum remove the voting/flagging system?

Postby nimbim on Thu Apr 01, 2021 7:14 am

Irregular go, you are constantly ignoring what people tell you here and just going back to the same "but they should be rated higher!!!1".
Most of your problems are bad and not what people want, that's just the way it is. People flagging/voting your problems tell you so and people in this thread tell you so very politely.

Did Irregular go just create the account sexysohn to upvote some of his problems? Registered 02-04-2021 and only voted 5.0 on the latest irregular go problems and flagged them as well constructed, all within a few minutes and literally no other activity from that account by the looks of it. No attempts at solving the problems, just voting done...
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Re: Can adum remove the voting/flagging system?

Postby Irregular go on Fri Apr 02, 2021 9:55 pm

Sorry, nimbim.
I was not so bad at go about ten years ago.
But after the year, my schoolmates have started bullying me.
I wanted to be tall.
I wanted to be tough.
I wanted to find the people who wanted to kill their enemies.
I found The Aum Shinrikyo on the internet.
Famous about The Tokyo Attack.
I started believing The Aum Shinrikyo.
Then my father was being afraid of my dangerous future.
He gave me a cyber protector.
That blocked for a long time because Japan is an IT developing country!
Now, I'm a man, I have my room but the empty years for go!
If a person stop watching a go website about TEN YEARS, he/she forgets go usually.
The people shouldn't disgust me but the people who did bullying me!
My enemies broke my go,
Many times, I tried to recall go!
The strong men broke my heart and go!
They made a kind kid be the wicked man that means this me!
That's all the meaning of my written thing that
I want to do win games like my peaceful days...
'till 2014, Japanese people were loving to do bullying!
Actually and actually I regret the fact that I was born in Japan!
Other developed countries, I wanted!
What kind of guilt did I make before I born?
Can anyone tell me about it ?
Anyway, if you are not tough, please don't visit Japan.
Because it's a dangerous country.
Irregular go
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Re: Can adum remove the voting/flagging system?

Postby gogalar gomidensha6 on Sat Apr 03, 2021 10:00 pm

Irregular go,
I don't know what happened to you but you plagiarized the good problems and made them creepy as your own, then are you Chinese or South Korean?
In my thinking, Japan is more creative than you mentioned, such as Sony, Honda, etc.
No matter original or plagiarized, your problems are MOSTLY CREEPY!
You're the pointless stain of go and dreadful sorry for go!
If you have no talent to create some go problems, PLEASE STOP DOING IT!
Plagiarism always hurt original!
Can the mods remove his plagiarism ?
gogalar gomidensha6
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