How to skip a failed problem in time trial?

How to skip a failed problem in time trial?

Postby shanren on Sun Feb 21, 2021 9:02 pm

Time trial seems to have a big oversight - is there no way to skip a problem that has been failed?

E.g. I started a 1-dan time trial and was immediately shown a 6-dan problem. After failing that I expect to be shown a different problem, but there is no way to advance that I can see. Am I missing that?

I would expect that after a failed problem, advancing to the next problem is an option or even automatic. Otherwise one untractable or way-out-of-range problem (5 ranks above what I selected) just kills the run. (This is how works for example. I'd like to be doing more go problems instead of chess problems, but this lack of a "next problem" feature makes time trial feel unrewarding and not useful.)
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Re: How to skip a failed problem in time trial?

Postby santa c on Sat Apr 10, 2021 4:34 am

I think refreshing the page should give you a different problem. Sort of useful for whole board problems and other problematic types.

(BTW, Unless you want the time component, just clicking the green button to go to some problem and then "next" etc. will give you problems that fit your "elo" as determined by what you solved, if I'm not mistaken)

(Also just in case you don't know, in the problems search page (It's the map at the top) you can click on search tab and pick a specific type of problem like tesuji/ endgame with some specific difficulty range and even only pick problems which you have solved/ attempted yet)
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