Thoughts on recent "close" problems?

Thoughts on recent "close" problems?

Postby santa c on Tue Feb 16, 2021 4:35 pm

When I've played some collections on, and ogs problem collections amongst others,
I notices that even in the easy problems there's much more variability than what I saw here after clearing out my solving history and going through some 30% of the problems.

This sort of led to my recent (~50 problems?) addition where I either started form an OGS game or just opened a board and slightly modified the position to get something different repeatedly.
The problems seems sort of close in shape but do sort of require some basic reading for their level (most are elementary). But a bunch of them are basically sub-problems of others.

I thought it should be ok (If people get annoyed and mark them as duplicates I'll start removing or hopefully other mods will) since most people probably don't do them serially by ID and since they end up with varying difficulty levels, so they shouldn't get too tired of them too quickly... Any thoughts?
santa c
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Re: Thoughts on recent "close" problems?

Postby BartTM on Fri Feb 26, 2021 1:09 pm

Hi Santa, I like those problems!
Rather than annoying, it is inspiring to see how a small change can alter the problem so much that you really have to check it all over again.
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Re: Thoughts on recent "close" problems?

Postby Irregular go on Sun Mar 14, 2021 2:28 am

Bart TM,
You said "copies are not new.".
You seem to agree with copies now.
What is your opinion?
What is your goal?
Once upon a time,
Japan and your country did
trading so you like copies like
Japanese people, right?
Please have your direction.
And it's not for you to tease my copies anymore.
Irregular go
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Re: Thoughts on recent "close" problems?

Postby gogalar gomidensha6 on Wed Apr 07, 2021 9:16 pm

Irregular go,
I found the situation frustrating because you plagiarized zafris's problem.
zafris was my best friend and always kind but one night he has dead because of the railway's disaster.
Why did you plagiarize his ?
My old friend is crying in heaven.
The people bully you for a reason.
Because you're creepy anytime.
The mods are useless in this site so many users move to OGS which is better than this site, right?
There are 50 problems which are flagged as duplicates though, THE MODS ARE USELESS!
He added the new Atari stones and the new continuation to his duplicates which is just the evasion of the law.
OGS didn't be like so because the mods in OGS tried to find high quality and they didn't grant permission to the most duplicates.
See the OGS's go problems that level is high and this site that has many duplicates can't be like OGS.
While the time the mods were granting the permission to the duplicates in this site, with the dead remix of the old problems, OGS was created their better future which is obvious. I hope this comment could be helpful for the mods, and this site. I gratitude you if you understand this comment for the unfortunately Japanese man.
That's all the truth for for you it is.
by gogalar gomidensha6
gogalar gomidensha6
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