Creating elementary problems

Postby Tirian on Tue May 31, 2005 8:57 am

This might be three or four questions, but I think they're all in the same subject.

1) What data goes into compiling the "Wins/Tries" ratio (which I presume is what determines the difficulty of the problem).

2) What data goes into the "See Attempt Paths" page (which seems to be a completely unrelated set of numbers).

I've created two problems (6560 and 6599) thinking that they would be 25k problems and having it turn out that they are listed in the 10-15k difficulty. Is there some way that I could design these problems differently to make sure that fewer people get them wrong?

Specifically, in 6599 I encourage people to investigate a wrong line (tenuki) to illustrate how important the local move is -- is this what racks up so many wrong answers?

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