Why was I deleted from this server?

Postby Gerry on Tue Dec 23, 2003 8:42 am


this morning my user got deleted from this server. Shortly before I had submitted 2 Go Problems, "the triangle in the corner" and "outnumbered".

In no intend I wanted to provoke anyone with these Problems. I never claimed they were from myself.

I feel unsecure now and dare not to submit any problems again till I got at least a reason.

In the first problem I might have made a mistake, because a 6d (moderator) (i forgot the name) found a move I didn't expect.

The second problem came with lots of variants. It took me hours to enter them all. Someone wrote in a commentary, that this problem existed in another problem collection (not on this site).

So my questions are:

Does your user get deleted if:
- You make mistakes in your problem?
- You come with lots of variants?
- You post a problem which exists somewhere else?

Anyway, allthough I am sad and frustrated, I wish you all happy christmas days.

Gerry (trillgo@trillke.net)

{Posted by Gerry}

Postby Spirit on Wed Dec 24, 2003 2:50 am

Hi Gerry,

I'm sorry to have caused you such confusion. It was me who took both your problems offline. (One is still in the sandbox - a sort of play-around area to see if the move I proposed can somehow be made invalid. (If it can't the problem is unfortunately wrong and I hope you understand we cannot use it on this site in that case.)

The other problem you submitted is a duplicate of a problem already in the database. We have the policy of deleting duplicate problems. Mainly this is done for clarity. We will soon start a mayor indexing (grouping) overhaul on the site and deleting duplicates is just some preliminary work. I'm sorry it took you so long to enter it.

If you would like to submit other problems, (and I sincerely hope you do. It is very much appreciated as the whole site runs on volunteers.) you might want to do a search on it. (Or at least on the vital stones in the problem, as only exact matches are found.) This way you can minimize the risk of submitting a duplicate. It is not (yet?) possible to search for problems that are middle-based due to the time constraint. Most of these problems can however be found in the group "Floating".

I apologise for being unclear. Please understand that moderating 2000 problems is a lot of work (and as such one can at times be a little hasty.)and that there was no ill will towards you or any of your problems.


P.S. Currently I'm working on a "Please read before posting" section explaining why problems get deleted and what can be done about it and some other general guidelines for submitting problems.

{Posted by Spirit}

Postby Gerry on Wed Dec 24, 2003 4:00 am

Hi Spirit,

thank you for your answer. I feel much more relaxed now.

In fact I did a pattern search and only found a game, where the pattern existed somewhere on the board. But maybe it is not always obvious for the program to recognize the exact pattern clearly; mine could be one stone to the right; closer to the edge...

I am very new to this site and appreciate the work done here. Good job.


{Posted by Gerry}

Postby santa c on Thu Dec 25, 2003 2:52 am

hullos ;)

as far as i know (from that time, when i actually read the info about pattern search ;p) - it's moved all along the side, (if it's a side search), included reversing, and color switchin... probalby acouple more things...

anyhow - what u search for is only the key features of the problem, which make it such - if ur not sure - don't include it in the search (unless u didn't reach the min amount of data;)..

(bah - i say that but i failed using the search at least 3 times, submitting duplicates.. ^^*;)

and please don't scare us with "my account got deleted" - since backups are only saved at midnight(compiled and saved, no?) if somebody submitted ~20 probs(say, kochi - or one of the other ppl, who can actually create this huge amount of probs - how?! i'm a fan... ;), they can get a serious pain in the heart ^^* ;)

{Posted by santa c}
santa c

Postby Gerry on Thu Dec 25, 2003 10:57 am

Hi Santa,

I didn't want to scare you with "My account was deleted". It was deleted; my User Gerry was unknown after this action.

And what's funny: It was unknown again, after posting my last last message further up. So I don't believe in bad purpose any more. Probably I did a mistake in registering or the software is not bugfree.

I am coming here with "linux" and "mozilla" as a browser. Sometimes things under linux behave a little differently than with windows. For example: When I displayed my problem with "small stones", just holes were displayed, instead of the stones. Only with "big stones" it was displayed correctly.

But whatever... I accept the problems beeing put in the sandbox and try to analyse, why I have to register again from time to time. As soon as I know more, I either change things locally, or post a bug report.

Believe me, I already love this site, even though I had a kind of tough start. Sometimes strange coincidences come together, just like in the game of Go itself.

Maybe I cried to soon, shouted too loud. There is more work to do. Not just increase my skills in Go, but also in real life.


{Posted by Gerry}

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