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Postby woodmanxxx on Fri Sep 05, 2003 4:52 am

HI ,
i am a new player just discovering go . while looking for outlets to play , i found an application for cell phones called "SPRUCE GO" . i was wondering if anyone has ever used it , or has any opinion of it . i like it , but i dont agree with the way it plays sometimes and i would like to hear about other peoples experience with it . If youve never used it , you can download it from the following site in the applications area { www.mbuzzy.com }. you may need a sprint PCS phone in order to do it .

The main reason i am asking for people to Download this and give their opinions , is because i dont want to really get into playing it and find out i am playing against a program with unrealistic plays and develop bad habits .

thanks for any help you can give

{Posted by woodmanxxx}

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