Problem: Applet Load on Mac OS 10.2/Java 1.4.1

Postby jwe3 on Thu May 08, 2003 11:37 am

The combination of Mac OS 10.2 and Java 1.4.1 across a LAN connection does not allow the goproblems Java Applet to complete the load.

I can load the Java applet on any of the PC Windows systems on the same LAN. All PCs can access all the pages without any problems. I was also able to access all the pages on my iMac G4 with OS 10.1.3 and Java 1.3, however, since I upgraded to OS 10.2.6 and Java 1.4.1, the goproblems Java Applet never completes loading.

I have ruled out disk directory problems by erasing my hard drive and loading a clean system. I have concluded there must be a compatibility problem with Java 1.4.1. Or OS 10.2 with Java 1.4.1. Does anyone have working with OS 10.2.6, and Java 1.4.1?

{Posted by jwe3}

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