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Squeeze Tesuji (secret)

"The Squeeze tesuji is a play by which you squeeze the opponent's stones into an inefficient dumpling shape. Often a successful squeeze includes sacrificing one or more stones to make the opponent's shape bad first." - Senseis

23371 life and death DK2
17940 tesuji bigfatsnoozy
17787 endgame mrvale
15986 life and death bass
15489 tesuji dreamracer
14381 life and death fungosage
13689 tesuji Generalx
13065 life and death randomly_anonymous
12622 life and death Yasguri
12598 life and death MeleeNewb
11999 elementary DarkSycthe
11932 tesuji fye
8558 tesuji saxo
7741 life and death MrsMoto


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