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1st Line Connection (secret)

Connect by playing on the 1st line.

19113 life and death Chaos Theory
16408 elementary santa c
14687 tesuji Stevendeo
13900 tesuji ytqb
13732 life and death ndkrempel
13407 endgame xXARKXx
12807 life and death Clydevil
12274 life and death wuhounited
11948 elementary DarkSycthe
10999 tesuji symplicity
10740 life and death llel
10590 tesuji Athanatos
10280 tesuji llel
10254 tesuji llel
9471 life and death exampleee1
3522 best move kochi
3195 life and death ZhuGeLiuYun
3014 tesuji Spirit
161 tesuji Spirit


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