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Problem 14959

Instructions: Black to play. Black played the SQUARED stone threatening to cut at A. White failed to fix, instead playing the TRIANGLED stone. Please begin at A. The Story: This position comes from a game I played on KGS. I was playing black, and was doing well. I was aware of the cut at A and was excited when white missed the SQUARED stone's threat. The correct path, however, is not what I had read out. I played the correct set of moves by complete accident because I only noticed it halfway through my own read out sequence. If you get this problem right (or you discover an even better solution), then you have better reading than I do. I have tried to submit this problem four times. The first time I accidentally deleted it, then second time I found out at the end that I was not logged in, the third time I hit another wrong button and deleted it, and this last time if things go right it will submit. Enjoy!

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