WhenUserFlag TypeDescription
2010-03-17 08:16:29PeterSmolWell Constructed
2010-05-02 00:44:19doraInvalidundefined
2011-07-17 01:14:01rememberedWell Constructed
2012-05-21 21:28:30SkeeterInvalid
2012-09-18 20:51:07InExtremisWell Constructed
2013-09-24 10:47:47BannertInvalid
2013-11-20 04:36:59lupeNeeds Fixingundefined
2013-12-10 20:22:30tgctakaInvalid
2014-05-03 16:28:54foxglovesInvalidThis would be true if the K10 white stone were actually a black stone, but it doesn't appear to be true if there were an empty space instead of that stone.
2014-05-23 07:27:11dawnInvalidif W go to J11,B will be forced to move at11....So N and Y either will be OK.
2014-07-14 21:14:15afbarnardNeeds FixingUnclear what the question is asking. Better off how?
2015-08-15 21:52:06SmarWell Constructed
2015-10-02 12:10:10HungryGhostNeeds FixingBlack would not be better off. Answer N. Incorrect. Needs fixing.
2016-11-01 07:20:31JormungandWell Constructed
2016-12-09 19:34:56hooibergInvalidWell, in theory every white stone is a nuisance to black. Please formulate 'can white kill' or something
2017-05-14 22:34:53dischordWell Constructed
2020-04-06 13:20:10neziotInvalidla descripcion y las jugadas no tienen sentido