WhenUserFlag TypeDescription
2009-07-20 11:00:48warlordNeeds FixingIt would be alive, if white didn't need to make a play. But he does.
2011-09-01 06:47:17welsforNeeds FixingWhite is dead.
2013-03-28 14:38:15MatrokInvalidSeki is life!
2015-04-24 01:46:59lovekitWell Constructed
2015-05-26 13:14:30SiaubunasInvalidDescription to complicated. White made two moves in a row. I thought you tenuki and let black to cut.
2015-10-02 19:38:47SmarNeeds Fixingwhat does alive and dead mean?
2015-12-09 23:28:58AristotleWell Constructed