WhenUserFlag TypeDescription
2009-07-15 12:34:52inpefessWell Constructed
2009-08-09 12:40:08mekoWell Constructed
2011-12-23 07:18:50nubixNeeds FixingThere's an error with wS8, bR11, wT9, bS8, wT7. It's should be correct but is considered a wrong answer
2012-06-08 04:41:41boltathorNeeds FixingEnd result invalid
2012-08-04 18:30:20bemthemanNeeds Fixingto many good places to play that are off course
2013-01-17 03:22:39tim0sNeeds Fixing
2013-03-18 22:16:26IsildurWell Constructed
2014-03-14 17:33:35PluchoWell Constructed
2014-05-10 13:07:04norix4Needs Fixingundefined
2015-04-21 09:07:32kbkNeeds Fixingundefined
2015-07-29 02:15:39manslayNeeds Fixing
2015-11-30 08:38:44PierreBoWell Constructed
2016-04-19 04:05:01ManOfScienceNeeds FixingInstructions say 20 w are not dead or something can be made of them. Would only be true if there was a 40pt or greater ko threat elsewhere in the problem.
2016-10-20 07:47:14DotonWell Constructed
2017-05-08 10:17:04MatrokWell Constructed
2017-06-24 21:52:15AgentNeighNeeds Fixinghard to read for A 21 TYPE
2018-01-12 18:39:18Lee JungWell Constructed
2018-02-15 14:49:50Shikamaru_YesWell Constructed
2018-06-15 15:19:36akiss256Needs Fixingincomplete, not all branches are closed
2019-02-27 23:15:15macdNeeds Fixingsolution unclear