WhenUserFlag TypeDescription
2010-03-02 21:06:11SeerRusWell Constructed
2012-08-15 02:02:32budouchaWell Constructed
2012-09-11 07:42:57malDuplicate10561
2012-10-17 06:50:58AkkaronNeeds Fixing爛~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
2014-02-02 10:21:43MatrokWell Constructed
2014-10-09 13:53:53fractalorangeWell Constructed
2014-11-07 04:57:58manslayWell Constructed
2014-11-19 14:31:04eurikanoWell Constructed
2015-03-19 15:45:30lackinglatinInvalid"white to live"... Ok, I lived. I don't know what it wants after playing H12. ??? More clear directions needed.
2015-04-03 20:54:22Veral42Needs Fixingvalid paths to life marked wrong
2018-06-20 17:53:33akiss256Needs FixingAfter black H14 move in one branch, why J15 is not good?
2020-07-15 15:35:37SyfogidasWell Constructed