WhenUserFlag TypeDescription
2009-01-10 11:05:17DugarWell Constructed
2011-09-26 08:39:35TraxtinNeeds FixingThis problem is only partially correct. The "answer" given is the best for local but not for Global. Either shrink the problem to focus on the single local area (in which case we have far too much of this type of problem) or add a whole slew of variations around the global result with the true correct answer. (you can see my comment here to get an idea about it...)
2013-03-01 14:17:59CradleInvalids8 sente
2013-09-26 23:06:25JobieNeeds Fixing
2014-10-18 00:25:30ElessarNeeds FixingToo many options without instructions or paths.
2015-06-17 18:37:33MatrokInvalidYes it is big, but there are other sente moves. Makes it hard for 18k
2016-04-02 23:03:59sindarusWell Constructed
2019-01-09 15:20:17arbitrageftwInvalidfix white on bottom