WhenUserFlag TypeDescription
2012-04-24 17:45:30GameCarpenterNeeds FixingMissing a correct line of play (see Brink's comment)
2012-10-29 14:37:49DineshRNeeds Fixing
2013-01-10 18:59:06BecNeeds Fixings2, s1, o1, l2, q2 works
2013-01-24 20:34:50BobTheJoeNeeds FixingThere are other paths to life.
2013-07-03 15:46:03MatrokWell Constructed
2013-10-08 05:35:39yumikoWell Constructed
2015-08-16 20:17:40NickjNeeds FixingSeveral more paths need to be added
2015-08-16 21:17:52SmarWell Constructed
2015-10-31 12:42:17ender2101Needs Fixing
2017-01-20 11:20:28gojerryNeeds Fixingmissing lines
2018-01-16 01:19:13gomaster135Needs Fixingmissing correct paths