WhenUserFlag TypeDescription
2012-11-23 12:43:00Inter1ud3InvalidRidiculous, and unrealistic
2013-04-01 13:07:47jarcysInvalidBlack has 8 points in hoshi and in middles which are not seki.
2013-05-17 11:35:35sjoemelfreekWell Constructed
2013-09-13 16:25:38だるまWell Constructed
2013-12-16 12:21:45aditsuWell Constructed
2014-05-09 22:26:07norix4Invalidundefined
2014-05-22 09:28:19JavinnerWell Constructed
2015-02-16 22:58:54Veral42Invalidpoints in seki are counted in most games, does not specify why it's japanese rules, either rewrite goal or remove
2017-05-22 12:09:53ArikmasterWell Constructed
2017-10-25 08:24:15GreatXiaoyaoWell Constructed