WhenUserFlag TypeDescription
2013-03-20 16:42:57MatrokInvalidIt is not gote, because taking the stone is worth only one point. Simple connexion at least leaves some aji.
2013-05-01 11:58:24sjoemelfreekWell Constructed
2014-04-03 14:50:28mountain rootWell Constructed
2015-11-22 10:48:30HungryGhostNeeds FixingI know you said "best", but this would be terrible in the late endgame for example. Need to specify that sente is worth more than one point.
2015-12-09 23:11:43AristotleWell Constructed
2016-01-21 09:22:18WhiteHackerWell Constructed
2017-05-13 14:28:05Onishi TNeeds FixingThe final comment written in Japanese should be corrected.
2017-10-24 06:15:37CynosureNeeds Fixing"Correct" ending worth less points. If sente wanted, it should be specified in problem.