WhenUserFlag TypeDescription
2013-06-13 10:57:19aditsuNeeds Fixingmore variations, e.g. c1 first
2013-10-29 03:45:38RafaloNeeds Fixingi think the problem is right, but the variations should be more numerous and go further
2013-11-29 19:44:56SilixtimeWell Constructed
2013-12-13 03:43:07nothikNeeds FixingIncomplete. Should be corrected or removed from time trial.
2014-07-23 23:57:32RunningFreeNeeds Fixing
2014-09-09 09:22:09jusiNeeds Fixingplaying c1 first is correct I think (or at least provide this variation even if incorrect)
2014-10-22 11:27:04jokepNeeds Fixingplease demonstrate why the correct variations are correct
2015-05-27 10:36:09raimoxWell Constructed
2017-09-08 19:50:46inoueianNeeds FixingIt's missing many reasonable variations and at least one correct answer needs more follow-up moves.
2017-10-07 16:25:09mdp05mimuraWell Constructed
2018-06-14 15:10:40Tesudji_kingNeeds FixingF2 и если чёрные E1, то белые играю сагари С1
2018-11-15 20:27:34morvan01Well Constructed
2021-02-21 00:54:51DJKNeeds FixingI agree with the comment dated 2009-04-03