WhenUserFlag TypeDescription
2009-07-14 20:58:59GoJohnGoNeeds FixingMissing variation in solution
2011-01-13 13:39:44MoreKnockNeeds FixingA line is marked as seki which is actually a ko.
2011-03-16 18:26:10doraWell Constructed
2012-11-02 06:13:30mortenNeeds FixingCorrect variation missing - seki comment wrong. See comments.
2013-05-06 11:55:52MatrokWell Constructed
2015-06-14 19:46:16juhopWell Constructed
2015-07-14 14:15:11SiaubunasWell Constructed
2018-02-27 10:02:07saborNeeds FixingThe second branch of the tree is not seki.