WhenUserFlag TypeDescription
2009-07-22 17:40:18mckoinWell Constructed
2010-01-09 07:30:47paulochonWell Constructed
2010-02-19 03:23:48SeerRusWell Constructed
2011-09-12 05:24:23tkazfNeeds FixingSome variant missed.
2012-07-25 20:29:41romaromaNeeds Fixing
2012-12-03 20:57:30kikovskNeeds Fixinginterferomen comment
2013-08-13 09:48:38verknightWell Constructed
2013-11-05 09:23:39noxrequiemWell Constructed
2014-04-09 06:41:07MatrokInvalidIt is not said clearly that it is only a ko
2014-08-13 14:14:10OperatorZxNeeds FixingNeeds variant
2014-12-09 13:07:06totoposanInvalidthat's a ko
2015-04-22 02:42:38komilatteNeeds FixingMissing right paths
2015-07-22 23:17:58KumaGoodsNeeds FixingWhite best move makes Ko. It can't be an answer.
2016-03-13 22:55:45adnb2Needs Fixingwhite may choose to fight the ko
2016-05-24 13:26:23gojerryNeeds Fixing
2016-10-15 11:20:02morvan01Needs Fixing
2017-06-02 23:26:48Onishi TNeeds Fixingundefined
2017-06-16 12:24:51InstaraNeeds Fixingblack has more ko threat options
2017-09-06 08:35:59PanKrpecNeeds FixingThe solution should end with the ko.
2017-12-14 16:14:22sunchinInvalidwtrf
2018-10-13 17:11:26bottleneckNeeds Fixing
2019-08-18 01:34:54StarlineNeeds Fixingshould at least say ko