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2012-10-21 04:43:05utkuWell Constructed
2012-11-11 13:36:17scat31Well Constructed
2013-04-18 01:35:46HumbleSoulWell Constructed
2013-06-02 08:14:22cassieseaWell Constructed
2013-12-26 06:07:15MatrokInvalidWhy are so many paths blocked? How did such a situation arise? By the way, the refutation of the other path is wrong as it leaves a cut.
2014-04-27 13:32:20the12Well Constructed
2014-07-09 15:49:07foxglovesWell Constructed
2015-11-15 09:14:13HonestWell Constructed
2017-03-15 22:18:25Epiphany123Needs FixingReally not sure the answer is correct.