WhenUserFlag TypeDescription
2012-06-10 18:21:44boltathorWell Constructed
2012-07-08 23:40:54gaffer1024Needs Fixingdoesn't work
2012-07-16 06:11:59nayutaInvalidwtf is this crap
2012-07-20 21:30:51InExtremisInvalidnot a go problem
2012-08-07 07:59:58AscasoWell Constructed
2012-08-09 05:17:16pepiWell Constructed
2012-08-29 21:49:12moushWell Constructed
2012-09-11 13:46:06ChuibeteInvalid
2012-10-24 05:55:36CyraelWell Constructed
2012-11-25 14:49:18mudriWell Constructed
2012-11-28 13:59:12Aitrus72Well Constructed
2013-04-18 11:15:42cia971111fbiInvalid這到底是三小
2013-04-30 09:12:30KosadelWell Constructed
2013-06-20 06:37:21tpgoNeeds Fixing
2013-11-04 09:22:01noxrequiemNeeds FixingInstructions are way too confusing...spent more time trying to figure them out than I did actually solving the problem.
2013-11-13 07:31:25lupeInvalidundefined
2013-11-25 23:31:08giulio.quaresimaWell Constructed
2013-12-17 00:53:38mullrInvalidNot a problem
2014-04-29 07:52:33aditsuWell Constructed
2014-08-12 15:06:00shikadsapoWell Constructed
2014-11-24 16:13:19jradWell Constructed
2015-03-30 11:40:44ThimblefoxInvalidIt's just... weird.
2015-05-15 20:05:19mononofuInvalidmaybe 30 kyu
2015-07-13 07:24:19if0014Well Constructed
2015-07-16 14:52:47dmjlWell Constructed
2015-08-14 13:05:19kathuWell Constructed
2015-09-02 01:49:38josephbehmNeeds Fixingconfusing
2015-11-11 08:38:58manslayNeeds FixingWhaaaat? I was so confused.
2016-01-14 13:11:30TheGrandmotherInvalidDumb and pointless
2016-02-16 13:53:21Makaveli_Needs FixingGoal remains unclear.
2016-04-24 11:17:37MOlschWell Constructed
2016-04-29 22:51:53VolagalWell Constructed
2016-05-05 08:05:08KTX-CRHInvalidIs this art? Put on facebook or something(?)
2017-01-20 17:19:38nimbimWell Constructed
2017-03-09 08:38:53Roma2009Needs Fixingче это за фигня с появлениями камней.
2017-08-19 14:23:14KaplerWell Constructed
2018-03-02 16:34:49Александр СукWell Constructed
2018-06-06 03:01:44ulty4lifeInvalidI'm sorry, but while this is an entertaining puzzle on its own, it's not really a go problem. I come here to do go problems and study tsuemgo. This problem required too much reading of specialized instructions, interpreting those instructions from the "story" onto the go board, and then allowing for black to not make any response moves to complete the problem.
2019-04-05 21:31:11macdWell Constructed
2020-11-23 05:51:44BellBoyWell Constructed
2020-11-25 12:58:04KoHqpJluKTWell Constructed