WhenUserFlag TypeDescription
2013-01-31 00:28:42shouldbefunInvalidSolution is not necessarily the correct answer.
2013-03-21 08:09:34FaerunInvalidAgreed with shouldbefun
2013-05-30 13:24:53TheIrregularVerbNeeds Fixing
2013-06-21 14:14:38kevlarNeeds FixingNeeds a lot more information
2013-10-14 13:02:54maracaNeeds Fixingno reason why this is the best move, additionally i agree it's a matter of style
2013-10-20 14:11:34lsunny94Needs Fixing
2014-01-21 02:22:38RichLancashireNeeds FixingHardly a cut-and-dried answer - or more reasoning is required.
2014-05-06 22:33:37jrnguyenNeeds Fixingnot labeled
2014-05-30 02:48:16RimgaudasNeeds FixingAs comments say i think its better O17
2015-04-28 11:12:10SiaubunasWell Constructed
2015-05-04 00:39:46hazeluffInvalidMost are valid, no "best move". Subjective
2015-06-17 23:00:07SmarInvalidcompletely wrong.
2015-07-07 10:18:29shuko42Needs FixingPersonally I think O17 is the correct move.
2016-02-11 19:41:30CmdrDatsInvalidSubjective
2016-05-23 20:25:50BobTheJoeNeeds Fixingseems very arbitrary why the normal knight's move is wrong.
2016-06-21 07:49:37MrValeInvalidthis is not a problem, because there are no wrong or right moves here
2016-10-13 21:31:50kikovskInvalidesoteric
2017-06-03 01:34:21Onishi TNeeds Fixingundefined
2018-03-12 06:20:08mathemagickalInvalidnot a right/wrong form of problem
2018-09-21 02:52:01bjijersInvalidнет
2018-11-21 18:18:19G1weistInvalidWhen it is this early in the game, and not many moves have been played along the upper right corner, why would N17 necessarily be the best move? Maybe there is a Go simulation program that says so (as suggested in the comments)?
2019-02-28 07:21:58zefciuInvalid
2020-03-14 19:50:41DK2Invalidthere is not only one "correct" answer to this
2020-12-16 23:49:03MunegWell Constructed