WhenUserFlag TypeDescription
2011-12-11 09:16:12Remix6974Needs Fixingproposer des options
2012-11-27 18:16:52Falcon79Needs FixingExplanation??
2012-12-26 16:33:42chephyNeeds FixingWhat is considered the correct continuation of the first move is not at all obvious.
2013-03-19 02:55:21MatrokInvalid"Uuh painful" is not an explanation
2013-05-30 09:16:20BannertInvalid
2014-05-27 16:27:06BobTheJoeNeeds FixingContinuing after the first move does not help the problem.
2015-06-20 12:43:45TarsulNeeds Fixingmissing variations and explanations
2015-07-13 04:15:31SiaubunasWell Constructed
2015-10-17 01:24:03rhysmNeeds Fixingmore variations required
2016-05-21 22:18:54murchNeeds Fixingneed more information in every path
2016-06-05 00:33:53gomaster135InvalidThere is no obvious move after the first move. :(
2016-10-17 19:19:38morvan01Invalid
2017-05-13 09:38:42Onishi TNeeds Fixingundefined
2017-10-08 14:12:25mdp05mimuraWell Constructed
2018-11-11 00:24:02motiaanNeeds Fixingfollow-up(s) not logical
2018-11-17 13:35:04cezNeeds Fixingdescription disapears
2019-01-14 06:21:23DergInvalidThe solution is not the only moves, it's very opinion-based
2019-04-22 16:41:57dixiNeeds Fixing
2019-10-01 05:37:43rastafariNeeds Fixingexplain
2019-10-12 01:56:51StarlineNeeds Fixingthis problem is uuh painful
2020-02-29 05:05:27CaneInvalidUnclear and arbitrary
2020-07-07 01:05:29kikovskInvalidsubjective