WhenUserFlag TypeDescription
2011-05-29 14:28:36WeaverInvalid
2011-11-22 02:28:22Remix6974Well Constructed
2013-01-16 16:09:22oporthNeeds Fixingnot all valid moves seem to be covered
2013-04-28 06:50:24draqNeeds Fixingc1 or l1 are valid
2013-08-11 11:08:03frank rossNeeds Fixingnot all path covered
2014-01-10 14:54:03aditsuWell Constructed
2014-03-11 16:18:13PluchoWell Constructed
2014-06-04 08:43:09JavinnerWell Constructed
2014-10-02 20:36:58eurikanoWell Constructed
2015-04-06 23:47:04Veral42InvalidbF1-bH1 leads to sents and denys all points, valid solution for black, invalid problem
2016-04-05 07:01:38doba24hWell Constructed
2016-04-12 11:13:47AntitheusWell Constructed
2017-02-01 11:52:00GreenAsJadeWell Constructed