WhenUserFlag TypeDescription
2013-03-31 05:43:25zaqWell Constructed
2013-04-28 11:31:52MatrokNeeds FixingOne chance over two ? It should not be considered as solved as long as the player doesn't play the right moves.
2013-05-06 01:09:01IsildurWell Constructed
2014-05-07 04:59:33jnksWell Constructed
2015-03-10 23:35:01IatheiaInvalidIt is unclear who has the next move. The problem assumes that (white) has already played, which is not reflected in the problem.
2015-07-13 18:49:12DugarNeeds FixingIt's worded poorly. I thought it was asking if white needs another move or can tenuki.
2016-12-20 13:07:47gojerryNeeds FixingReword the problem more clearly
2017-08-26 23:51:28Onishi TNeeds Fixingundefined
2018-04-18 09:46:25ljlInvalidStone added AFTER problem is defined, making the previous answer inaccurate
2018-12-05 19:10:29morvan01Well Constructed
2018-12-05 20:21:44jgaNeeds Fixingneeds clearer description of who is to move
2019-02-16 20:35:36Abcf3Needs FixingIt's not clear what the problem is asking, ie whether black is deciding whether to tenuki or wher white is deciding whether to tenuki.
2019-09-27 14:21:33dixiWell Constructed
2020-06-14 02:06:04insertwitNeeds Fixingsee comments