WhenUserFlag TypeDescription
2014-05-03 11:31:31gyverNeeds FixingSolution only works if sente isn't worth more than 1 point
2014-05-03 20:39:33mountain rootNeeds Fixing
2014-12-28 05:40:28ZwomNeeds Fixingsuboptimal
2015-06-22 21:40:20SmarNeeds Fixinginstruction is useless, but... this also is not amateur game specific, but more like elementary, duplicate?
2016-03-29 05:00:20gomaster135Well Constructed
2016-04-05 12:21:57AntitheusWell Constructed
2016-07-14 11:42:14gojerryNeeds FixingThere are alternatives to white N18
2019-06-25 16:36:07Sekisc2Needs FixingThere are two more ways to protect the cut. If they are considered wrong, because there are more Ko threats, add this to the dialog.