WhenUserFlag TypeDescription
2014-11-30 23:12:18mountain rootWell Constructed
2015-06-21 20:42:36SmarWell Constructed
2015-08-25 23:25:21Pasquale5kInvalidThis is a Ko
2016-10-21 15:05:38leicInvalidThe group is dead, path is in comments.
2017-01-24 09:47:21ThumbInvalidSee comments, no solution
2018-01-02 12:36:17gojerryInvalidThere is no ko; black is dead!
2018-03-02 01:24:04NedorenInvalidThe solution (ko) is wrong. Black is dead.
2018-12-17 14:42:46x0000Needs Fixingb can't live
2019-02-19 19:28:20hypersleepInvalidthe ko is wrong, black is dead
2019-07-20 09:11:18komilatteInvalidNo solution
2019-07-30 23:30:15MunegNeeds Fixingno solution back is dead!
2019-08-01 05:48:50StarlineInvalidWhite's move is a mistake and the problem is invalid. black is dead after B D19 W A17.
2019-09-10 14:16:59laocoonInvalid
2020-07-20 08:54:27kikovskInvalidb is dead