WhenUserFlag TypeDescription
2014-11-30 23:16:21mountain rootWell Constructed
2016-03-03 05:23:33dischordNeeds FixingThe "solution" involves a random move right now... needs instruction for tenuki option or something to make it sensical.
2016-04-07 15:41:01rastafariInvalidb moves after c19 are completely irrelevant
2016-05-17 13:10:45BartTMInvalidShould end after 2 moves.
2016-06-05 15:38:20Mollusque4Needs Fixingcannot predict to play c15 without help !. Problem should end earlier
2016-07-27 19:42:06NytikInvalidNonsense moves on the outside
2016-08-08 12:54:00PhysicusNeeds FixingPoorly made at one point.
2016-08-09 17:55:10astarixiInvalidShould have ended before
2017-05-06 04:06:13jmdingessNeeds FixingNo indication to play C15 or D15
2018-02-12 02:59:08x0000Needs Fixingc15? really? I had to guess it?