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2014-12-19 00:58:24mountain rootDuplicate
2015-06-02 04:44:07SiaubunasWell Constructed
2015-12-10 14:21:49PierreBoWell Constructed
2015-12-12 20:45:14igcatNeeds FixingNeeds to show that white can kill the A17 "solution" by playing D19 instead of A16
2015-12-26 12:06:17MatrokWell Constructed
2016-06-06 17:35:25MyzenWell Constructed
2016-09-10 10:27:25SolliesWell Constructed
2020-04-09 23:02:13GoJohnGoNeeds FixingB can live unconditionally so a ko for life should be wrong