WhenUserFlag TypeDescription
2014-12-22 01:41:17mountain rootWell Constructed
2015-06-29 00:58:55InExtremisNeeds FixingWe have to guess the correct incorrect move?
2015-09-18 16:22:06dmwitInvalidblack cannot live
2015-10-10 00:52:03bacteriaInvaliddoesnt work
2015-10-31 15:20:36krvInvalidProblem have no solution
2016-05-23 12:35:03棋幻旋律Well Constructed
2016-05-31 11:48:49goodnicegamWell Constructed
2017-07-06 12:39:18gojerryNeeds Fixingreformulate problem!!
2017-10-01 01:31:20Onishi TNeeds Fixingundefined
2017-10-19 16:29:17SiaubunasWell Constructed
2018-02-19 18:33:11gomaster135InvalidCorrect answer is based on white mistake.
2019-03-14 14:25:48x0000Invalidproblem itself admits it is invalid
2019-06-28 16:17:20TarsulInvalidthere is no correct solution, problem should be deleted.
2019-08-07 07:40:09StarlineInvalidNot problem. Only correct solution relies on white making a big mistake, and it says in the problem. if you know "the problem is flawed" don't post it.
2019-09-01 05:09:52trickynessInvalidsee variation why black is not alive