WhenUserFlag TypeDescription
2015-03-03 02:24:09Andre EngelsInvalid'Play at the point I direct you to play many times in a row' is not a problem.
2015-03-04 11:56:28krtInvalidundefined
2015-03-10 20:00:29danjerInvalidcute but it is not a problem. Please remove it and post it on a blog.
2015-07-25 23:35:33mabakoInvalidnot a problem
2015-08-31 09:26:31snozzInvalidNot really a go problem
2016-03-01 22:22:57uvedobledeeseInvalidIts not teaching much
2016-03-23 21:53:36zxqflInvalidNot a Go problem
2016-04-12 17:56:20creedfoxxInvalidPointless and just bad.
2016-05-30 05:46:29sjdrodgeInvalidnot a problem
2016-05-31 13:15:57TheGrandmotherInvalidOkay... this was popintless
2016-10-11 20:01:17songwindInvalidThis is not a problem.
2016-11-02 14:07:40coastsideInvalidnot a problem to solve
2017-01-02 21:28:17neptixInvalidThis is not a tesuji
2017-01-28 20:25:34ssaysInvalidIt simply teaches nothing of value.
2017-02-17 15:07:55Superfly_JonInvalidNot a problem
2017-04-22 16:22:39MatrokInvalidI don't see what this could have to do with "chirality".
2017-05-06 19:18:21KR2Y5IEKSInvalidIt is just poin and click there is no go
2017-05-26 16:17:23MazaiInvaliduseless
2017-05-29 01:43:28Onishi TInvalidundefined
2017-05-30 11:33:3698zWell Constructed
2017-09-29 16:58:56FriekrInvalidThis is not a problem.
2017-12-07 14:06:41sunchinInvalidwut
2018-02-08 14:56:55JhynInvalidNot a problem
2018-02-22 23:40:28gomaster135Invalidnext time please make an actual problem
2018-04-04 10:30:19Fuko_IbukiWell Constructed
2018-06-04 21:33:52ddksterInvalidThis is not a Go problem.
2018-10-08 14:03:54hippophileInvalidNot a problem
2018-12-09 20:06:17kellenfuInvalidnot a problem
2018-12-13 15:07:56arbitrageftwInvalidThis is just silly
2019-04-17 16:19:15webbyInvalidPointless, not a problem
2019-06-24 14:56:35d_savharWell Constructed
2019-08-15 21:22:49StarlineInvalid"Play at the point I tell you to 34 times in a row, and if you misclick, too bad!"
2019-10-03 11:50:15ProfTInvalidNot a Go problem. A partly interesting diversion at best
2020-02-09 21:54:17zxazxaInvalidShows nothing
2020-04-16 00:30:16GoJohnGoWell Constructed
2020-04-30 23:21:05kzlInvalidnot clear what the goal of the problem is
2020-05-27 16:35:47nptialiuInvalidnot tsumego
2020-06-07 07:32:27Hal9666InvalidIt's not even really a problem.
2020-08-14 13:16:17JobieInvalid
2021-04-17 12:52:25吴民诗Invalid这个打劫的题目没有意义
2021-11-24 12:36:26gbohusNeeds Fixing