WhenUserFlag TypeDescription
2015-06-12 07:11:18tenuki89Well Constructed
2015-11-16 05:29:16manslayWell Constructed
2015-12-17 04:34:08MatrokWell Constructed
2017-02-05 11:59:48SolliesWell Constructed
2017-10-13 20:40:34idlerouxNeeds FixingMarking the three stones on the left is confusing, as they are not special from the perspective of the problem. All black stones must be killed.
2018-02-12 20:18:59louis the xviiiNeeds Fixingthe triangle marking is misleading, all black stone must be captured
2018-04-26 03:55:27Samsa72Needs Fixingunclear description
2019-09-26 22:57:19S├ębastien ProdhommeWell Constructed