WhenUserFlag TypeDescription
2015-06-01 07:26:04manslayNeeds FixingCheck again
2015-06-02 15:56:02brivNeeds Fixingmany missing ways
2015-06-02 23:10:25blyxNeeds FixingLots of comment by lots of user that should be taken into account. Most about incomplete or wrong path
2015-06-05 13:17:38ThumbNeeds FixingSee comments
2015-07-20 07:17:19bacteriaNeeds Fixingwat
2015-11-05 07:37:53ぐでたまNeeds Fixingundefined
2015-11-06 14:39:32cluelessInvalidi played 2 times 2 different correct sequences, both times it was counted "wrong"
2016-02-06 18:33:57IantuNeeds FixingThere are many solutions to this problem. Mainly almost any move make B alive. probably should be 4 kyu or something.
2016-03-16 11:19:02krtNeeds Fixingundefined
2021-05-05 12:56:17Onishi TNeeds Fixing