WhenUserFlag TypeDescription
2016-03-17 06:20:40doba24hWell Constructed
2016-03-28 19:19:14datjwuNeeds FixingBetter description needed.
2016-04-23 05:13:15MdibahNeeds Fixingunclear
2016-04-29 22:48:06VolagalNeeds Fixingunclear
2016-05-07 06:41:26devzeroWell Constructed
2016-06-13 11:26:14kuro nekoNeeds Fixinggoal and explanation needed
2016-07-18 12:27:03goodnicegamWell Constructed
2017-02-01 13:56:59myownfrogNeeds FixingInstructions would be helpful for newer players not familiar with the bamboo joint.
2017-06-20 19:39:22JobieNeeds FixingAn explanation for beginners would be helpful.
2018-03-13 00:31:13rslitegoNeeds FixingNo goal stated - makes difficult to figure out what needs to be done
2018-05-11 17:01:36go4242Needs FixingUnclear what to do, if you want to do other things there may be other solutions
2020-09-09 18:43:51LumynousNeeds FixingThis problem needs a better description. 25 kyu players should already be familiar with the bamboo joint, meaning this doesn't appear to be a problem at all.