WhenUserFlag TypeDescription
2016-04-16 14:05:45TheGrandmotherNeeds FixingPlease specify objective!
2016-05-28 11:58:50Gomega2Needs FixingIt doesn't allow all moves, forces you to pick the right ones (can't place stones anywhere)
2016-07-12 07:12:15krvNeeds Fixingwrong lines marked as correct
2016-10-05 05:17:23Jiub529Well Constructed
2017-01-21 17:09:59murchNeeds Fixingonly options to play are correct ones
2017-06-01 04:52:34xerkNeeds Fixing
2018-03-27 06:41:00MatrokWell Constructed
2018-05-01 19:19:45ulty4lifeNeeds FixingOnly one path is allowed for play in the problem.
2018-07-05 15:22:19gnt100Needs FixingThis at least needs explanation on what to do like look for a ko or reduce.
2018-12-21 19:19:01arbitrageftwNeeds FixingWhy so limitted options?
2019-02-14 13:44:02hypersleepNeeds Fixingneeds an explanation of what the right path achieved!
2019-10-23 01:02:31GameCarpenterInvalidvery limited move options negates the ability for this to operate as a problem
2019-11-20 07:57:04bentseaNeeds FixingNo objective, very unclear purpose.
2019-12-21 15:27:41MedusaPNeeds Fixingblack can't move on certain intersections