WhenUserFlag TypeDescription
2016-05-06 20:02:57BobTheJoeNeeds Fixingsome "correct" solutions are worse results than some "wrong" paths
2016-06-29 17:20:43jointNeeds Fixing
2016-07-04 03:08:45krvNeeds FixingAfter C2 - B3-D3-B2-D2-B1 move A3 looks bad. May be F2 or F3 works better
2016-12-10 20:47:04jmdingessNeeds FixingSeveral solutions marked 'right' are worse than the obvious one that is marked 'wrong'
2017-01-08 00:31:56onomNeeds Fixing
2017-02-06 09:30:49BartTMNeeds FixingMissing solution. The openness of the lower edge induces a play there, so it is very bad that it is missing.
2017-04-16 03:36:07sublunaryNeeds FixingAt least one solution is wrong, also missing correct solutions
2017-08-15 15:14:32gojerryWell Constructed
2018-01-30 14:26:12malNeeds FixingIt is all in the comments
2018-08-18 20:42:11stianvNeeds FixingSee comment of BobTheJoe
2018-09-04 02:27:07bjijersInvalidне правильно
2020-10-26 14:43:43zcacrgwNeeds Fixing
2021-11-26 02:16:39komilatteNeeds FixingCorrect path is wrong, wrong path marked as correct
2021-11-29 11:00:45nimbimNeeds Fixing