WhenUserFlag TypeDescription
2016-08-21 02:47:50nimbimNeeds Fixingone of the disabled moves is actually a correct variation
2016-12-09 15:38:29BartTMNeeds FixingMissing solution, as noted.
2017-07-03 06:33:37BobTheJoeNeeds FixingOne of the wrong paths allows black to make a ko to kill everything.
2017-11-11 15:40:01kihtonNeeds FixingB D18 is correct as a first move. A18 needs to be enabled after W's response.
2018-09-16 20:05:14JplusWell Constructed
2018-11-19 08:38:52zefciuNeeds FixingD18
2019-08-28 02:37:54trickynessNeeds Fixingaddress the wrong off paths
2020-04-23 16:17:19laocoonInvalid