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2011-09-14 21:47:05fake401Well Constructed
2012-12-04 15:52:34jiesunNeeds Fixingstupid
2014-05-30 15:19:35Micro102Needs FixingYou should put the actual rules into the problem. Otherwise it becomes a google search. This should be a problem, not a trivia question.
2014-06-03 02:21:14macaoNeeds Fixingplease call it Chinese rules. It is more international.
2014-10-25 18:05:36TraxtinNeeds Fixingat least STATE what the bloody rules ARE!
2014-11-16 18:14:36birdmwInvalidWho uses NZ rules?
2016-01-11 19:12:58MatrokWell Constructed
2017-01-01 12:47:00gojerryNeeds FixingWhat is the point??
2017-08-25 14:18:07cityuderekNeeds Fixing-1
2017-10-28 02:32:07Onishi TInvalidundefined
2018-11-11 11:27:17rankaInvalid