WhenUserFlag TypeDescription
2012-08-15 15:15:52kbjc94Needs FixingThe groups are separated, bad problem
2012-08-28 06:31:45NickjNeeds FixingMore moves are needed.
2012-10-01 11:21:25DellhelpInvalidnot specific on the task thus misleading to results. Rephrase to "Disconnect and escape"
2013-06-12 07:36:19sal69Needs Fixingразделить черных на 2 группы в описании, а автор хочет разделить на 3
2013-06-17 12:52:39BobTheJoeWell Constructed
2013-09-11 02:54:37MatrokWell Constructed
2015-02-09 04:40:21kikovskNeeds Fixingmany ways of disconnecting are not covered
2015-04-30 18:30:21veritasInvalidproblem marked solved when further play shows answer incorrect.
2015-04-30 21:07:31vougalarWell Constructed
2016-04-06 04:59:22rfmvadNeeds Fixing.
2016-06-11 13:18:16SnizhkaNeeds Fixing
2016-11-16 12:54:25DotonWell Constructed
2017-04-03 10:40:57neptixNeeds Fixingit doesn't allow for valid solutions
2017-06-27 13:52:31gojerryNeeds Fixingunclear
2017-12-28 16:00:19annasNeeds Fixing12