WhenUserFlag TypeDescription
2013-08-21 18:06:13rgarnerNeeds FixingThis answer is correct, too
2014-01-08 03:24:06plotzoNeeds Fixingafter w lives unconditionally, the answer is flagged as wrong: starting with w: s2, n2, s3, p1, t3
2014-01-28 16:25:50lkkl15Needs Fixingno variations
2014-02-13 09:46:52macaoNeeds FixingMissing Pathes, see comments
2014-11-23 12:43:22mountain rootNeeds Fixing
2014-12-20 23:28:48micusNeeds FixingW S2 then T1 lives as well
2015-08-11 19:48:51rastafariInvalidright path marked incorrect
2016-02-29 18:04:28bugglerNeeds Fixingmarked t3 as a wrong solution
2016-07-24 12:51:13gojerryNeeds FixingCorrect anwser flagged
2017-01-24 09:23:54neptixNeeds Fixingincomplete
2017-05-31 15:14:45HgwndNeeds Fixing
2018-02-15 17:09:04cjo42InvalidP1 after s2 n2 not wrong
2019-02-12 17:15:43arbitrageftwNeeds FixingFix other correct paths
2019-02-16 12:49:30SalbeiNeeds FixingAdd missing correct path