WhenUserFlag TypeDescription
2010-09-06 14:49:32enigm4Well Constructed
2011-02-27 21:19:46jackula83Well Constructed
2011-05-19 09:00:04pmdiracNeeds FixingWn6, Bm6, Wm4 works
2012-08-20 12:00:08hippophileNeeds FixingMove 3 as shown allows ko for life! Needs to be the push from the left immediately
2012-09-06 00:11:34DrAppleNeeds FixingCorrect paths missing
2013-04-06 07:33:46Ka_ShinNeeds FixingAfter N6 is played and b answer by M6 it's possible to play M4 directly instead of O6
2013-06-20 04:29:23MatrokWell Constructed
2014-12-09 04:43:38mr0661Needs FixingPaths missing
2018-07-13 14:56:55dixiWell Constructed
2018-11-18 17:48:54G1weistWell Constructed
2019-03-13 23:32:22PremianWell Constructed