WhenUserFlag TypeDescription
2010-03-03 03:11:58SeerRusNeeds Fixingyou should to show other variations
2012-07-16 01:13:27SurWell Constructed
2013-05-08 18:56:28QuixoticNeeds FixingI reset the problem after an incorrect move and it lists WHITE to move. However, a black stone is entered when I make a play.
2013-09-02 10:24:01MatrokWell Constructed
2013-11-11 09:06:14ezhNeeds Fixingкакая задача стоит на розыгрыш?
2014-02-10 15:31:20PluchoWell Constructed
2014-03-10 03:21:31pqnetNeeds FixingLast move not necessary
2014-12-18 04:35:20QtipWell Constructed
2015-04-03 23:44:31Veral42Needs Fixingstones on right should be either removed, included, or noted as unimportant by marking stones to disconnect, invalid as stands as multiple valid paths are ignored
2015-12-09 18:46:46PierreBoWell Constructed
2016-09-13 21:08:49SolliesWell Constructed
2018-01-06 22:18:52Lee JungWell Constructed
2018-02-14 16:34:35jogohogoWell Constructed