WhenUserFlag TypeDescription
2009-09-13 08:45:49SeerWell Constructed
2010-02-16 01:57:12SeerRusWell Constructed
2012-07-16 13:21:42RymiWell Constructed
2012-12-24 00:56:19takenokoNeeds Fixingundefined
2013-05-06 11:34:31kURTOGNeeds Fixingambiguous instructions
2013-06-25 02:02:55MatrokWell Constructed
2013-12-23 11:47:50PluchoWell Constructed
2015-04-02 23:03:11lackinglatinNeeds Fixing"is not safe" reads like "can be killed". Should be clear in directions that it cannot be killed...
2015-06-02 08:50:01AlbaneNeeds Fixingfree ko for kill seems better : if white don't respond, it's very risked for him.
2015-07-07 07:41:40newcomerNeeds Fixingthe description of the problem should be more exactly